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Top 10 Website Design Skills

The top ten website design skills [your designer should have] have drastically changed over the past few years.  Having a successful website has been proven over time to be not all about the way it looks or works. Unfortunately there are many successful sites that are horrible to use and manage. 
Read up and decide for yourself if the skill are valid, top ten in no particular order. 
top ten website design skill
  1. Search Engine Optimization Expertise
  2. Videography
  3. Photography
  4. Coding Skills in CSS, Java, PHP
  5. Graphic Creation
  6. Content Management System Knowledge
  7. Server Security, Maintenance, and Backup processes  
  8. Time management and business acumen 
  9. Responsiveness 
  10. Style 
In todays competiive market across every type of entitie, acquiring attention is the primarly driver in achiving goals from a website, traffic. Without traffic what would be the benifit of your website?  Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) has been around since the early 1990s when simply submmiting a websites address, or URL, to search engines would be the extent of telling the search engine to index or list your website on their search engine. 
Today SEO is extremely complex and designers and developers have been more competitive than ever in building and developing websites with several aspects of SEO integrated into their websites.  If you are looking for success in your website, having it properly built and positioned with professional SEO strategies in place will prove to deliver great success and results. 
Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine?  Having multiple types of content associated or integrated within your website is a must have.  Video can be created and uploaded to sites like YouTube with ease from pretty much any type of smart phone or camera.  Aditional site such as Facebook and Instagram are also integrating video capabilities within their sites.  Going live is yet another way to have video withing your website from not only YouTube and Facebook but sites such as Periscope, Livestream, or Twitch.   
Does your site have orginal photos? It should, a personal touch to your content will help to create and support your brand and image.  Photos that are shot of your product or service make for great content not only on your website but social media outlets.  Photos can make or break a site right from the first click, with the increase in monitor and display screen sizes and resolution full screen photos have been utilized more often in sliders, backgrounds, and areas of first impressions.  Great photos help make great sites. 
Joomla, WordPress, Wix, Square Space, Weebly, and Blogger are are content management systems and do help web design and website management however having a deeper understanding of programming language can quickly help navigate the sand boxes of many of the content management systems (CMS) that website run on today.  
Ability to create content at will is a skill that any website deigner will greatly benifit from.  Many times design and development go hand and hand and a designer who understand the form and function can create graphical elements that match up perfectly and reduce overal time frames of projects.
Today many websites are created with Content Management Systems (CMS) such has Joomla or Wordpress that allow for "easy" implementation and use of websites.   Having an understanding, working knowledge, and experience with the platforms will help with many of the sites that a designer may encounter.  Additionally these types of platforms allow the end user to edit their own website from the front end.
If your site is live, chances are that it is being scanned for vulnerabilities on a daily basis by bots and other tools to exploit holes in the site to be used by hackers.  Understanding where enhancements can be made to security policies and keeping up to date on any and all software that run on a service is a key skill to ensure 100% uptime.  Many times having a current backup of the site is overlooked and having your site setup to proactively make backup files is a must have. 
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