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SEO and WebSite Design Performance Tuning

As part of the overall algorithm designed by google and other search engines website performance plays a role in the ranking and indexing of your website. 
While there are endless methods to designing a website and its content to rank properly performance enhancing methods can not be ignored on the server and code that operate the website behind the presentation layer.
What does all that mean? Your website needs to be designed to load fast.  With the popularity of content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Joomla the ability to create and manage websites have become more readily available.

However with the easy implementation of elements such as plugins, sliders, and templates page load times and overall website performance is sometimes compromised.  
I remember the days of Flash and after spending hours creating the ultimate splash page, hours more were spent on a crafty page loading animation. 
Luckily today there are several ways to help your webpage load faster.   From compressing elements, and caching files load times and performance can be greatly improved. 
A benchmark tool that is great to use is GTMetrix.  Give it a shot and see how you stack up. 
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If your interested in making your website perform faster and rank higher contact The WebMaster E and get started! 
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